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There have been times, rhinos scattered on the plains of Africa with thousands of individual numbers. Sadly it is now, they had been rescued from the brink of extinction but then again threatened.

DO YOU KNOW? Rhino is one of five well-known large mammals of Africa. They contribute to economic growth and sustainable development through tourism, create job opportunities and provide practical benefits for the local communities living near them. In most of the rhino sanctuary are other precious plants. Through the protection of rhinos, elephants and other species, the buffalo, the animal of prey and small mammals are also conserving birds and their Dieu Buphagidae they also often found are the parasites on the rhinos.


Demand reduction in Vietnam

They Rhinoceros (Rhinocerotidae) remaining 5 species including white rhino, black rhino, Sumatran rhino, Indian rhino and rhino Java. The two species are much more individuals are black rhinos and white rhinos live in southern part of Africa.

Rhino is one of the animals are in danger of extinction in the world due to rampant hunting. Its horns hunted because that function is to help men increase sexual life from the viewpoint of oriental medicine.

Demand for rhino horn is the biggest threat to the survival of all species of rhinoceros. Internationally recognized that in order to ensure a future for all rhinos, we need to win the hearts and minds of those who are currently buying rhino horns; who by wildlife traders illegally in rhino horn to convince them not to buy rhino horns. This project is the only campaign reduced demand being driven by a social approach to evidence-based science aimed at consumers of rhino horn. The reduction in demand in Vietnam campaign also uses references Vietnamese culture positive.

"To change the behavior of consumers from many centuries and against intelligent approach from the criminal organization, requires a behavior change campaign smart, strong and enduring" according to the founder and CEO of Freeland, Steve Galster. "Workshop on efforts to reduce the demand for wild animals in Vietnam is an important step in the establishment of a coalition of civil society organizations and government agencies to share some materials and effective approach to Vietnam convinced not to buy rhino horn, tiger, pangolin and threatened species. "

Intelligentmedia is the first local organization who implement successful Behavior Change Communication campaign (BCC) which are used to motivate people adopting and using new services, products or behaviors. We have extensive experience in BCC in a variety of sectors including conserve wildlife, climate change, environment protection, health and road safety.

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