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Chi initiative - TRAFFIC launches campaign to end rhino horn use

Chi initiative — TRAFFIC and Intelligentmedia have launched the second phase of its Chi (Strength of Will) initiative, with updated messages and images that continue its mission to instill a zero-tolerance attitude towards rhino-horn consumption.(View more >>)

About rhino

There have been times, rhinos scattered on the plains of Africa with thousands of individual numbers. Sadly it is now, they had been rescued from the brink of extinction but then again threatened.(View more >>)

Chi Initiative instills zero-tolerance towards rhino horn consumption

TRAFFIC and Intelligentmedia on July 6 launched the second phase of their “Chi” or “Strength of Will” initiative, with updated messages and images to continue with the mission to instill a zero-tolerance towards rhino horn consumption.(View more >>)

Rhino horn - Demand reduction in Vietnam

The demand reduction for rhino horn in Vietnam was identified as one of the main driving forces for the escalating poaching of rhinos in the report published by Traffic in 2012(View more >>)

Art event to call for end to rhino horn use

80 influential guests from the public and private sector attended a World Rhino Day art event opening yesterday in Hanoi that promotes zero-tolerance towards illegal wildlife consumption and provides an alternative way to affirm prestige.(View more >>)

Người mua sừng tê giác, họ là ai?

Trong 600 cá nhân được lựa chọn ngẫu nhiên để khảo sát, 16% cho biết trong tương lai, họ sẽ xem xết đến việc mua hoặc tiêu dùng sừng tê giác. Người ta tin rằng với việc giàu lên của tầng lớp trung thượng lưu tại Việt Nam, nhóm người này sẽ sớm trở thành người tiêu dùng sừng tê giác. Mặc dù chỉ 5% người được khảo sát thừa nhận có ...(View more >>)

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